Being You, Transforming Us: our commitment to inclusion and diversity

At Leeds Building Society we’re creating a culture where inclusion and diversity are at the heart of our business. From our leadership to our talented colleagues, we’re better equipped to understand the needs of our current and future members if we have a diverse team of people which represents the communities we serve.

We want the Society to be a place where difference is embraced, and all colleagues feel included and valued for who they are and the unique perspectives they bring.

Having diversity of skills, experience, background and opinions means we can achieve more and provide a better service to our members.

We’re backing our words with action, too. Guided by our inclusion and diversity strategy ‘Being You, Transforming Us’ we’re making real progress on that journey:

  • We’re committed to recruiting, developing and retaining the best diverse talent
  • All Board appointments are based on merit against objective criteria which reflect the skills and experience of the Board as a whole and consider the benefits of diversity
  • We support diversity and social mobility in our recruitment and we’re committed to diverse shortlists wherever possible
  • We have five colleague-led forums covering disability, gender, LGBTQ+, race and wellbeing to support colleagues to be themselves and reach their full potential

You can read more about our inclusion and diversity activity in 2022 in our Purpose Impact Report.

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made but we know there’s still work to do. Our agenda is led by Andrew Greenwood, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, who is our accountable executive for inclusion and diversity. The Nominations Committee reports annually in the corporate governance section of the Leeds Building Society Report Accounts on the agreed objectives and progress made.

Women in Finance Charter

Updated December 2022

We’re committed to increasing the diversity of colleagues in senior roles in the Society.

When we signed up to the Charter in 2018, women made up 23% of our Board and 33% of our Senior Management. We marginally missed our targets for 2021 but re-set them for 2022.

For women on the Board, our target remained at 33% for 2022. At the end of 2022, we’ll have achieved 27%. We continue to work to increase the gender and ethnic diversity of our Board by searching more widely for high quality and diverse candidates. In 2021, we appointed a female Board member from an ethnic minority group. Through our Board Diversity policy, we have practices in place to extend the talent pool and remove biases to help attract and select the best candidate.

Also in 2021, we set ourselves a target of 33% women on the Senior Management Team. We marginally missed our target (32%), but re-set it at 35% for 2022. We’re on track to achieve this goal. We’ve done this through pro-active measures to achieve greater diversity of candidates throughout the entire recruitment process. In doing so, we’ve also met other goals relating to ethnicity within this cohort. We’re currently setting new targets for 2030 so that we continue to challenge ourselves to have a diverse colleague population.

In 2022, we agreed a refreshed Inclusion and Diversity strategy with our Board. We continue to focus on Inclusion and Diversity and are working hard to ensure we have a strong pipeline of diverse talent coming into the Society. We continue to develop our leaders so that they can create an inclusive culture. We’ continue to support and develop our networks so that our female talent feels supported at work. Finally, we’ve stepped up our support of the colleague-led diversity forums and in the last year have significantly improved our diversity-related benefits, with further plans to do more in later years.