• How do I make a payment on my mortgage?

    You can make mortgage payments over the phone, online or by visiting one of our branches.

    If you’re making an overpayment above your monthly mortgage repayment, remember to check your terms and conditions. There may be conditions or fees attached if you want to overpay.

    Over the phone

    You can make a mortgage payment over the phone by ringing our secure automated payment line on 03300 081 604. Lines are open 24 hours a day.

    Make sure you have your 10-digit mortgage account number, the postcode of the account you are making a payment for, and your debit card to hand. Payments can be up to £100,000.

    Just so you know, here are some of the payment types you can use the service for:

      • Standard mortgage payments
      • Payments against Fees (e.g. Product Transfer Fees or CHAPS fees)
      • Lump sum capital payments
      • Overpayments (over and above standard monthly amount)
      • Any outstanding arrears.


    If you’ve got online banking, it’s easy to make mortgage payments online. Use the following details:

    Sort code: 40-64-38

    Account number: The first 8 numbers of your existing 10 digit mortgage account number

    You can find your mortgage account number in your annual statement or by logging into your account online. If you’ve received letters from us recently, it could also be in there.

    Reference: You can choose your own reference

  • I am having difficulty paying my mortgage, what should I do?

    It’s important that you contact us as soon as possible if you think you might not be able to meet your mortgage repayments now or in the future. We’ve got really friendly, trained staff able to talk you through different options.

    Find out more about payment difficulties.

  • How do I find out if you will lend to me and how much I could borrow?

    Mortgages can be complicated and time-consuming. So we’ve tried to make things as straightforward as possible.

    To find out if we’ll lend to you, and to get an idea of how much that might be – start with our helpful Borrowing Calculator.

    If you’re looking for advice or need more guidance on actually applying for a mortgage, you can always contact us on our new mortgage enquires number.

  • I'm trying to transfer money from my bank account to my Leeds Building Society mortgage account. Why does it say my account details can't be verified?

    Some banks and building societies use a Confirmation of Payee system, which checks whether the details you’ve entered match the account of the person or organisation you’re paying.

    We currently don’t use the this system, so if you try to transfer money to an account held with us, it’ll show up as unverified or ‘not a match’.

    There is nothing to worry about. Just please make sure you’re using the correct sort code and account number for your Leeds Building Society mortgage account when you’re making a transfer.