• How do I make a payment on my mortgage?

    To make a payment on your mortgage, you’ll need to use the following payment details:

    Sort code: 40-64-38

    Account number:  the first 8 numbers only of your 10 digit account number. You can find this account number in your annual statement or by logging into your account online. If you’ve received letters from us recently, it could also be in there.

    Reference: use your own choice of reference.

    If you’re making an overpayment above your monthly mortgage repayment, remember to check your terms and conditions. There may be conditions or fees attached if you want to overpay. You will have been given your terms and conditions when you opened your account. If you did this online, you will have been sent them by email. If you can’t find them, give us a call.

  • I am having difficulty paying my mortgage, what should I do?

    It’s important that you contact us as soon as possible if you think you might not be able to meet your mortgage repayments now or in the future. We’ve got really friendly, trained staff able to talk you through different options.

    If you want a bit more information, we’ve also put together a helpful guide (pdf).

  • How do I find out if you will lend to me and how much I could borrow?

    Mortgages can be complicated and time-consuming. So we’ve tried to make things as straightforward as possible.

    To find out if we’ll lend to you, and to get an idea of how much that might be – start with our helpful Borrowing Calculator.

    If you’re looking for advice or need more guidance on actually applying for a mortgage, you can always contact us on our new mortgage enquires number.