• I want to set up Power of Attorney (POA) on an account(s)

    If you’re a POA and need to register this on behalf of the account holder, there are some forms, documents and proof of identity you’ll have to provide. Find out how to set up Power of Attorney.

    Remember to make sure you have the right type of POA to register on the account(s).

  • An account holder has passed away and I want to notify you

    We appreciate this may be a really difficult time for you, and that your list of things to do could be both confusing and overwhelming. To try and make things just a little bit easier, we’ve made a list of five things you’ll need to do before we can settle any accounts or mortgages.

    Once you’ve done the things on our list, give us a call. Or you can write to us or make an appointment at your nearest branch. Our staff will help you through the rest of the process.