Power of Attorney

To register a Power of Attorney on a Leeds Building Society account, you need to provide certain documents.

Forms and documents you need to provide

1. Providing your Power of Attorney documents

The attorney needs to fill in and sign an Addition of Power of Attorney form.

We'll need to see either the original or a certified copy of the Power of Attorney document, if we don't already hold this.

2. Registering Power of Attorney on an ISA

If the ISA is being opened without a registered Power of Attorney, the main account holder will have to open the account themselves.

If the Power of Attorney is registered and stamped by the Office of the Public Guardian (England and Wales) or High Court (Northern Ireland), the attorney can sign the application form on the account holder's behalf.

3. ID and proof of address

You'll also need to provide ID if:

  • The account holder is a new customer
  • The attorney is a new customer

If the attorney is a solicitor, they'll need to provide a certified copy of their:

  • Passport or driver's licence and
  • Practicising certificate

If the account holder lives in (or is moving into) a care home, you need to provide a letter from the care home that confirms the account holder lives there. Or you can provide a form of ID belonging to the account holder with the address of the care home on it. This can also be addressed to the acting attorney or deputy, as long as the address of the care home is stated on the letter.

If you're providing a letter from a care home, it must be dated within the last 3 months.

4. Sending your documents

Send your application form, ID and proof of address to:

Investment Services
Leeds Building Society
26 Sovereign Street
West Yorkshire

Or you can hand in your documents at your local branch.

Online accounts and Power of Attorney

Attorneys can only manage or open accounts in branch or by post.

You can't register Power of Attorney online.

Mortgages and Power of Attorney

If you're applying for a mortgage with Leeds Building Society, and you want to register a Power of Attorney on it, you need to send us:

  • A copy of your Power of Attorney document
  • A cover letter with your customer details
  • Confirmation (in the covering letter) as to whether you'd like us to send correspondence to you or your attorney

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