Letting your property for up to 12 months

Gaining consent for a temporary let

If your circumstances change and you need to temporarily let your home, we’re here to help.

Simply call us on 03450 50 50 75 and ask about a Consent to Let agreement. Once you have consent to let, you can rent out your property for up to 12 months.

Want to let your home for longer than a year? You may want to consider applying for a Buy to Let mortgage instead. You can find out more about this by calling 03450 50 50 75.

Your property could be repossessed if you don't keep up your mortgage repayments.

How do I gain consent for a temporary let?

It's essential to get our permission before letting your home. We’ll need to look at your new circumstances as this is an important change in the terms of your mortgage.

Please make sure you follow these steps to ensure you stay in line with your mortgage conditions:

  1. The first thing to do is call us on 03450 50 50 75. As this is a change in the way your mortgage works, we’ll need to talk it through with you on the phone before making any decision.
  2. Once you’ve called, the next step is to complete our Letting Pack.
    - Please read this document carefully and fill in the Letting Declaration.
    - Call us back so we can go through the information you’ve provided.
    - Post the completed Letting Declaration back to us with any requested documents.
  3. If everything is okay with your application, you’ll receive a confirmation letter through the post. This will include details of your new monthly payment terms (which could increase). Please be aware, there may be fees and charges that apply depending on your individual circumstances.

What happens next?

The initial consent to let period on your property will be a maximum 12 month agreement.

Once you move back into your property, you must contact our Contact Centre team as soon as possible to let us know. It’s important to do this so we can get you back onto the right product, which may well be lower than the rate for letting your property.