Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

If your enquiry is regarding a PPI complaint please be assured we are doing all we can to register these as efficiently and quickly as possible. We will contact you in due course.

Making a complaint after 29 August 2019

If you didn't make a complaint about the sale of your PPI policy (or non-disclosure of commission) on or before 29 August 2019, you can only ask us to review your policy for either of the reasons below:

Exceptional circumstances

If there were exceptional circumstances that stopped you from complaining on or before 29 August 2019, you may be able to complain to us, or to the Financial Ombudsman Service, even though the deadline has now passed. The Financial Ombudsman Service has more on exceptional circumstances. Note the complaint will only be investigated if we agree that the failure to complain before the deadline was due to exceptional circumstances. Please call us on 03450 502 252.

Already made a complaint?

If you've already made a complaint before the deadline, we'll send an acknowledgement letter as soon as possible.

If you made an enquiry asking whether you had PPI before the deadline, and we find you had a PPI policy, we'll automatically open a complaint for you, so you don't need to do anything else to make a complaint.

If you've authorised a Claims Management Company to make an enquiry or complaint on your behalf before the deadline, we'll update them, so please contact them directly if you want an update.

What is Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and did I have it?

Payment Protection Insurance is an insurance policy that you might have had on a loan with us.

How to find out if you had PPI with Leeds Building Society.

Can I cancel my PPI policy?

Yes, if you still have an active PPI policy, you can cancel it.

What is non-disclosure of commission?

When a lender or other provider sold a PPI policy, the PPI provider would pay them 'commission' for arranging or making the sale. The money for this commission would come out of the premiums that were made for the PPI policy.

Since the new rules were introduced on 29th August 2017 by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), all firms involved in the sale of PPI have to introduce new measures. These measures were introduced after the Plevin Supreme Court Case.

The Supreme Court ruled that a failure to disclose commission to a client, where the commission exceeded 50% of the value of the PPI premium(s) paid or payable, would make the relationship between the lender and the borrower unfair under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Will I have paid any tax on any money I received back?

If you received a PPI refund then you should have receive 8% interest on top for every year that you held the PPI policy. The Society was required to deduct 20% Income Tax from this 8% interest payment. However, you may be eligible for a refund which, if applicable, you should seek to recover direct from HMRC. Further information can be found by visiting HMRC's website at HM Revenue & Customs - GOV.UK or contacting HMRC on 0843 903 3088.

I had a personal loan with Leeds Building Society. Did I have PPI?

Leeds Building Society previously provided personal loans that were sold and/or administered by Ikano bank. If you took out a personal loan with us during this time, you might have also taken out a PPI policy.

What if I was declared bankrupt?

If you are or have been subject to a Bankruptcy Order or Sequestration (in Scotland), you may be under an obligation to pay any refund you received to your Official Receiver, Insolvency Practiontioner or Trusee (in Scotland).

If you have any other questions...

If you have any other questions, you can: