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Get saving toward your target now with one of our savings accounts. If you're looking for help and guidance on achieving your goal, take a look at one of our savings guides.

Do a money makeover in minutes

For many people, the pandemic has made budgeting more important than ever. But managing your money doesn’t need to be daunting or time consuming. Our useful hints and tips could help you get to grips with budgeting and saving – whether you’ve got plenty of time to spare, or just five minutes.

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Savings hints and tips

Whether you’re saving for something special or just for a rainy day, knowing how to make your money go further will help see your savings grow.

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Variable Rate Accounts

Simple savings accounts with instant access to your cash and competitive rates.

Account features include:

  • withdrawals permitted (subject to the terms and conditions of each product)
  • no notice for withdrawals
  • manage by post or in branch

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